This is a Doctor Who series set after Day of the Doctor. Its in an alternate universe, were the events of
Time of the Doctor never happened. The first season will have around ten episodes. It will also have three our four guest writers. 

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  • Note* The title isn't confirmed yet. It will probably change.

Time of the ZygonsEdit

Maria Edwardson was walking home. It was 11:00 PM, and she just came back from a party. Only three streets and I'm home, she thought. But it was going to be a longer journey. As she reached the corner of the street, she saw an old woman looking at her.

"Hello!" Maria said. The woman didn't reply, "Hello!" Maria said again. No reply.

As Maria walked closer, she smelled something. It became stronger and stronger. It was a horrible smell. The woman just kept staring. Suddenly, red slime came out of her mouth. Maria screamed at the sight of it.

"No need to worry!" a young man said, who came running into the street, with one hand in his pocket. He got out, what Maria thought was a small torch with a little blue light.

"Get back!" the man said, as he pointed the torch-like object at the old woman.


The torch-like thing made a buzzing sound. The woman began acting strange. Her whole body quaked, as she started to transform into a red Humanoid, with a cone-shaped head. The creature was covered in suckers.

"What the hell is that?" Maria asked.

"A Zygon!" the young man replied, still pointing the torch-like thing at it, "What are you doing on this planet?"

"This planet will be ours soon!" the Zygon said, "Who are you?"

"I'm the Doctor," the young man replied, "Also known as the Oncoming Storm, and many other nicknames my enemies have given to me!"

"So what are you going to do, Doctor?" the Zygon asked, "If you hadn't noticed, you are surrounded!"

The Doctor and Maria looked around, and saw that there were three old men approaching them.

"Zygons too," the Doctor commented, "Very smart! But you know what? I've been smart too!" He got a little remote out of his pocket, and pressed a button.

Vworp! Vworp! Vworp!

A 20th century police box started to materialize around the Doctor and Maria. Maria hadn't seen it was a police box from the outside; she thought she had been teleported to some kind of ship.

"What is this place?" Maria asked, "Its massive!"

"Its the TARDIS!" the Doctor replied, "I travel with it! Through time and spcae!"

"Your an alien too?" Maria shouted shocked.

"A good one!" the Doctor replied, "Hold on!"

More to be added soon!