This is a series featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy!


User:POMfannumber1 went to Tesco one rainy day and found Season 7 Part 1. He nabbed it off the shelf and went home. He watched all five episodes and enjoyed the adventures of Amy and "Raggedy Man". He then decided to create a dark series where the Eleventh Doctor and Amy travel between Episodes 2 and 3 of Season 7!

Season 1Edit

Number. Name. Companions. Villians. Setting. Summary.
1. The Darkness. Amy, Rory. Malakie. TBA. TBA.
2. Open Seassame. Amy. Malakie (Inside a magician's body). TBA. TBA.
3. The Death Of Malakie. Amy. Malakie (Inside a professer's body). TBA. TBA.