Series 1Edit

Caged1's Story ArcEdit

My Story Arc is a group of people trying to kill anyone of importance. Astronauts, politicians and other. They are the Informatives. Here is how it flows through the episodes

The Code of EaglesEdit

An Unknown Man Gets a Letter

Charlie Finds Himself In The Informatives Base Briefly

The Informatives Have Some Kind Of Weapon

Charlie Is Told to Fight Them By Henry Slickham

The Dangerous GameEdit

Charlie Sees A List of People To Be Killed. He Is On It

When Daniel Sees Police Men (To Do With The Murder) There Badge Says Informative Not Police

Crocodile TearsEdit

On The Computer Screen It Says Informative Alert lashing Red

The Whole Of The Episode I Set In The Eagles Base, Who Are The Informatives Enemy

The InformativesEdit

The Unknown Man Is an Older Danny

Older Charlie Is In 2022 With The Time Machine At The Code of Eagles Base

Meanwhile, Young Charlie Is Kidnapped And Taken To 2012.

In 2012 He Escapes For A Short While And Forms A Plan. He Sends A Message To Older Danny. The Time Machine IS Taken WIth The Letter. He Is Locked In Cell 029

Older Charlie Has To Go And Save Younger Charlie And Is About To Leave When The Informatives Attack The Base. He Is Shot And So Is The Time Machine. It Sends Itself To Two Places At Once. One Goes To Charlie On The Beach As Does The Dying Charlie.

The Other Half Goes To The Other Charlie Who Hides It.

The Informatives Find Dying Charlie And Take Him To Their Base

He Dies Not Before Revealing He and Charlie's Deception - He Is Really Danny

He Dies and Charlie Is Locked Up In Cell 029.