Sneak PeekEdit

1) 'Know this. Whatever you see here will change you. Forever'

2) He read the list 'Next to Kill' - The First Astronaut, The First English Scientist, The First Priminister of the UK, The First Time Traveller...


Images flash on screen. People, in a maze. At first very quickly, but then slowing. As the pictures slow the emotion in them gets sadder and sadder. All are set in a maze. Right at the end we see three people we know. Daniel, Lorna and finally Charlie. The picture stops. Then Black. The picture is slightly altered. This carries on from a calm face to a screaming one. Then it zooms in on his eyes and we see a hand pointing at something. A minotaur. The picture goes on and out a few more times this time the minotaur is approaching. Then the eyes seem to shatter in the pictures and the shot is engulfed in darkness

Title Sequence

Ext - Stone Maze Opening,

Stones jut out of the wall, dark grey and sharp. Violent looking.

Charlie, Lorna and Daniel appear, clutching the time machine. All wear roman togas, referencing an unseen adventure.

Charlie: (sigh) I hate mazes; Once had to get a helicopter to lift me out. Do you think we can find a change of clothes here?

Lorna: (laughing) Probably not, but we can sure have an adventure

Daniel: I had one in my back garden back home

Charlie and Lorna look at Daniel with inquisitive faces

Charlie: An adventure? How big was your garden?

Daniel: (Tutting) A maze I mean. You're as dumb as the Earl of Lockingsham, and he scored less than me in an IQ test.

Charlie, looking slightly annoyed at this respones, turn to the maze.

Lorna: Looking slightly more eager to go in now (She laughs, harmlessly) Has Danny Boy struck a chord. Again

Simultaneosly, the boys say

Charlie: No, Danny Boy Hasn't

Daniel: Don't call me Danny Boy

They glare at each other before laughing and striding into the maze.

Ext. Maze Entrance

First shot Daniel and Charlie, before Lorna enters.

Lorna: Great, which way first

Charlie: Not very Dangeresque. Not even Harry Potteresque

Daniel: No, more the maze of minos

Charlie: So where's the Minotaur?

Int. office Room. SImilar to Episode 1, infact a room on that same, long corridor. Grey walls

Man walks in. Snake like face, slight Voldemort look. Perhaps Ralph Fiennes.

Followed by women, noting down all he says.

Man: So, who has entered our maze.

Woman: The one we've been searching for. The whole trio in fact. The boy who doesn't his power, the murderer and the lost girl.