Episode 8 of Series 1 of the Time Traveller. It is also called The Last Time and the Time Traveller. Please don't read if you are not an admin as the story will be released soon.

Sneak Peek SettingsEdit

Here are a list of the settings in order of appearance

The Informatives Base, 2012

Atlantis, 5000BC

The Informatives Base, 2022

London, 1945

The Beach Where it Began, 2012

The Eagles Base, 2022


Three men lined up, facing a wall. A man, in a suit and holding a gun comes in.

The Men are as followed. An astronaut (From Episode 4), a scientist and a politician.

The man with the gun holds it up and points it. The camera moves so you can't see what he's pointing it at

Man With Gun: Bang

(Pulls trigger and gunshot)


(Does as before)


(Does as before, this time the shot sees the bullet comes towards the camera (like in ashes to ashes) and we run to-)

Title Sequence

Black Background and the words appear Atlantis, 7012 years earlier

Camera shot of people walking around a greek market. Charlie appears.