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Series 1, or the Time TravellerEdit


Backstory - Charlie's dad and Lornas mum had an affair and Charlie's dad caused the fire that killed him and left Lorna an orphan.

Daniel killed his dad because his dad was beating him.

Episode 1 - Present - Charlie gets the time machine from Old Charlies corpse, and finds himself in a bleak room. He then escapes to the London Underground, where he is found by a soldier. He is then almost shot by a general and leaves to the Victorian Era with the Code of Eagles.

Future - Older Charlie now works for the Eagles and gives Slickham the code

Episode 2 -

Episode 3 -

Episode 4 - Present Charlie, Daniel and Lorna arrive at the maze. They split up and see:

Charlie - A monitor saying 4 names, including his own

Daniel - A man lying dead on the floor

Lorna - The pocket watch luring her away from Daniel and Charlie

They refind each other just as a robotic minotaur attacks them. Charlie and Daniel create an electrical field and the minotaur is electrocuted


Ep No. Title Writer(s) Where/When Main Protagonist
1 Pilot, Code of Eagles or a New LIfe Caged1 World War Two Trenches Charlie
2 The Chains That Bind TenpiesWho London, Victorian Era Lorna
3 Daniel in Wonderland Jack Pownall Mirabili Island, 10000AD Daniel
4 The Dangerous Game, or the Sweetness of Mercy Caged1 The Maze of the Minotaur Charlie


6 The Boy and the Tramp Jack Pownall Daniel
7 Crocodile Tears Caged1 Modern Day Australia Charlie
8 TenpiesWho Lorna

George and his Doom

Jack Pownall London, Georgian Era Daniel
10 The Informatives, The Last Time or The Time Traveller Caged1

Lots of Places


Series 2, or the Time Traveller's MistakeEdit

Ep No. Title Writer(s) Where/When Main Protagonist
1 Cell 029, or Coming to Dust Caged1

The Informatives Base

2 TenpiesWho
3 Jack Pownall
4 Igor Blanch, or The Ripper Caged1

The Future

London, 1888



6 Jack Pownall
7 The World That Got Away Caged1 1066, Hastings Charlie
8 TenpiesWho
9 Jack Pownall
10 End Game, The Accident or the Time Traveller's Mistake Caged1

The Future